The term “Fake Entrepreneur” references a couple different ideas, not the least of which being the idea of “Fake it ’til you make it”. Run by Chris, Fake Entrepreneur understands humble beginnings and how fake it feels to call yourself an entrepreneur. While aspiring entrepreneurs will need to address imposter syndrome on their own, we can at least offer ideas, or a starting point. But the reality is entrepreneurship is a mindset. Those fears of failure and judgement are normal, and it takes some mindset changes to be able to accept those. This feeling eventually led to the name “Fake Entrepreneur” due to the familiar mantra of feeling fake, whether that’s true or not.


With so much information to filter online, it’s difficult to find a starting point that you can build on. Fake Entrepreneur’s mission is simple: To give you a starting point. Having some ideas to get involved with will hopefully get you off the ground. As we progress, we may also start diving into deeper strategies ourselves. That being said, our primary focus is residual income and alternative systems.

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